The Fair Way

Multi Platform Comedy Series

When you’re an Amateur golfer, ‘Turning Pro’ is everything.

A single tournament victory can change a player’s fortune, ascending them into the glamorous world of sporting royalty. Those who don’t make the cut, return to lives of quiet discontent, dreaming of what could have been.

Every Golfer has a “nearly made it” story. Cautionary tales of careers made, dreams destroyed and nerves put to the test.

For 1990’s amateur sensation Eric Sprout, joining the Pro Golf Tour was his only goal in life; the fame, the fortune, the adoration. Eric’s destiny was but a single putt away from being fulfilled, when a cruel mistake cost him everything.

Now over a decade later, Eric’s been given one last shot at the PGA – The inaugural Joey Lee Amateur Classic.

But times have changed and the playing field is tougher than ever. Ruthlessness, mayhem and even murder are the new tools in a golfers bag and the competitors at this year’s Amateur Classic have it all. A melting pot of cunning and ambition:

A Korean prodigy, a trust-fund deviant, a blind militant, a washed up Golfing legend, an Indian doctor with a double life and a blackmailing caddie – all fighting for golf’s most desirable prize – a ticket to the big leagues.

 With so many trying to climb the golfing ladder, some will conquer, others will perish and one will crash through.

Welcome to the ultimate qualifying baptism of fire – The Fair Way


 – The Fair Way is currently in development with Screen Australia – 

Executive Producer: Nathan Earl
Series Producer: Georgie Lewin
Writers: Nathan Earl & Nick McDougall with Veronica Milsom & Georgie Lewin


The Fair Way
The Fair Way
The Fair Way
The Fair Way

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