The Trial

Drama Series

Set in the murky world of pharmaceutical drug testing, The Trial tells the tale of a group of young volunteer lab rats, who are sequestered in hospital while putting their bodies on the line to test a new consumer drug.

It doesn’t take long for paranoia to kick in as our subjects are poked, prodded and drugged in the name of medical research. Boredom turns to paranoia, food rations turn to revolution and talk of a mystery placebo gets everyone’s blood boiling, literally.

We also delve into the machinations of the pharmaceutical companies themselves. Their corporate attitudes towards the patients and the lengths they will go to in order to ensure a new and potentially highly profitable drug is given the green light.

With cabin fever, corporate corruption and black market urine on offer in just the first 24hrs, The Trial is a world away from “standardised laboratory conditions.”

The Pitch: M*A*S*H meets The Manchurian Candidate.


The Trial

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