Australia’s Best Street Racer

Australia’s Best Street Racer

Comedy Web-Series

Finally in possession of his P-plates, 18-year-old Taylor James has decided to make his mark on the Launceston late night street racing scene and he’s doing it in his Mum’s 1994 Holden Barina.
Hopelessly naive but forever determined, nothing will stop Taylor from taking life one block at a time as he attempts to modify his car, pick up chicks and clash with the law, all in an effort to prove himself as Australia’s best street racer.

Created & Directed by: Dylan Hesp & Michael O’Neill
Executive Producer: Nathan Earl
Series Producer: Georgie Lewin
Co-Producer: Nikita Agzarian
Written by: Dylan Hesp & Michael O’Neill
Script Editor: Nathan Earl



Australia’s Best Street Racer

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